Tι είναι το Booms:attract;

What is Booms:attract;

What does Booms:attact include?

– Annual social media strategy and plan for each channel (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

– Recurring and ad hoc targeted content

– Content creation (posts) including text and image Mobile coupon design and QR code creation

How do I gain with Booms:connect?

Booms:attract is the service for those in need for a solid, professional social media planning and execution. Businesses with Booms:attract receive a well-planned social media strategy, professionally designed marketing content, all tailored-made for the needs and scopes for each business. With Booms:attract, your business will make the most out of its Social Media presence.

How much does it cost?

Booms:attract is tailor made for each business, according to its the needs and scopes. This is why there is no standard price list. To receive your quote, please contact us.