What is Booms:connect;

Booms:connect is a set of online tools for creating and managing marketing communications. Includes the notifications tool (as in Booms:reward), SMS and Posts (home screen posts or coupons).

How do I gain with Booms:connect?

Booms:connect enhances the benefits of Booms:reward, by adding more marketing communication tools, that allow the creation and management of targeted content for customers.

How do I use Booms:connect?

We suggest that you prepare a plan that includes:

– The actions you want to communicate (e.g. special offer, new product)

– Determine your target audience

– Set the time period of the campaign

– Which communication tool you will use for each one

This plan and can be implemented for any chosen period (e.g. week, or once a month). Then, you proceed to create your plan through the application. The Statistics section will provide you with useful data for your campaign’s performance.

What is an Administrator?

The Administrator is one of the two user levels. It is usually the entrepreneur who has access to all the information, statistics and features of the application, as opposed to the Operator, who has access to limited information and capabilities.

What is an Operator?

Operator is one of two user levels. It is usually the cashier who serves the store. He has access to selected information and features compared to the Administrator.

Can the Operator change the Loyalty Scheme?

No. Only the Administrator can edit the loyalty scheme.

Which members does the Operator see in the list?

The Operator sees all the members of the store to which he belongs. If the company has more than one store, the Operator has access only to the members of the store to which he belongs.

Do I need to have Booms:reward?

Yes. Booms marketing tools are only available through Booms:reward and Booms:connect.

How do I get Booms:connect;

If you have already acquired Booms:reward, contact Booms to get access to Booms:connect. If you do not have Booms:reward, Click here

What are the members?

The members are the customers you have registered in your reward program and collect points from your business.

What is Balance on the members report card?

Balance is the total number of points collected by the customer, from the beginning of the use of the reward program, without calculating the redemption. This information is useful when we want to see the frequency and volume of customer’s consumption over time.

How do I sign in a new member?

Η εισαγωγή νέου μέλους γίνεται με δύο τρόπους.

1. Από τον Operator εισάγοντας το κινητό του πελάτη στην εφαρμογή.

2. Από τον Administrator, εισάγοντας το κινητό του πελάτη στην εφαρμογή.

3. Από τον πελάτη, μέσω της εφαρμογής DaY

Can I edit members’ info?

No. Customer details can only be changed by the customer through the DaY application. The operator or administrator can only edit the number of the loyalty card (in case of replacement of the old one and if any).