What is Booms:reward;

Once you register and payment is complete, you will receive an e-mail with the link and your personal log in info (username & password). You log in to the application and an online How To Wizard, guides you through the settings for your account.

How do I set up my account?

Once you register and payment is complete, you will receive an e-mail with the link and your personal log in info (username & password). You log in to the application and an online How To Wizard, guides you through the settings for your account.

Do I need to connect Booms:reward with my register or my POS;

No. Booms:reward works independently from your cash register and your POS systems.

What is the Loyalty Scheme?

The Loyalty Scheme is the conditions you set for your rewards plan. i.e. what your customers will get for redeeming the points they have collected from your store. For example, with 50 points you get 10% off on your next buy.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are messages which can be sent to the application’s inbox (DaY app) to all or to a group of your customers. Customers access the message through the application they downloaded. You create a message and an image, choose when and to whom you want to send it from your member list. Notification content can include The notifications may offers, price offs, point redemption reminders, etc.

What messages can I send through notifications?

Whatever will motivate your customers to visit your store. For example, you may let them know about offers, new products, reward reminders, the list is endless!

Does it support multiple stores?

Yes. Through the application you choose Settings/Stores/+ and you can add as many stores as you want (you can add one store at a time). The only condition is that all stores will share the same loyalty scheme.

How can I deactivate my account?

You can deactivate your account any time, with no exit cost, by contacting Booms.

How can I benefit with Booms:reward?

Booms:reward provides the tool to

– Build a list with all your customers and their buying habits to your business. This information is necessary for running your business more efficiently, communicate with your customers using relevant and meaningful content – for free – and promote your business marketing messages.

– Convert your customers to regular customers, by providing incentives to choose your business every time.

– Gain a solid competitive advantage from your competition.

Do I have to print Loyalty Cards?

No, you do not have to print cards. The application is Online and the transactions (points in/out) are processed electronically. In case you want to print cards with your logo, please contact Booms. The cost of the cards and the printing is not included in the monthly fee.

What is an Administrator?

The Administrator is one of the two user levels. It is usually the entrepreneur who has access to all the information, statistics and features of the application, as opposed to the Operator, who has access to limited information and capabilities.

What is an Operator?

Operator is one of two user levels. It is usually the cashier who serves the store. He has access to selected information and features compared to the Administrator.

Can the Operator change the Loyalty Scheme?

No. Only the Administrator can edit the loyalty scheme.

Which members does the Operator see in the list?

The Operator sees all the members of the store to which he belongs. If the company has more than one store, the Operator has access only to the members of the store to which he belongs.

What do I gain with Booms:reward?

There are multiple advantages. Booms:reward is the tool that helps any business retain its customers, attract new and boost sales.

How does it work?

Booms:Reward is a web application, which means that you have access from any device (smartphone, tablet, PC), as long as there is an internet connection. You don’t need any additional device or software. You simply log in to the application, set up your account and you are good to go.

Do I need any additional devices?

No. Booms:reward is a web-based (online) cloud application, so there is no need for extra equipment. The only condition to use Booms:reward is an internet connection.

How long can I use Booms:reward for?

You can use Booms:reward for as long as you like. It is good to know that, the longer the use of the application the better, for you will add more customers to your company the more you use it.

Can I change my Plan?

Yes. You can change your plan any time through the option Settings/Plan.

How do I set up my Loyalty Scheme?

The reward you choose for your customers may be a discount, either a price off or a % discount or a free product or service. The main goal is to retain your customers, so you will need to create those offers that are relevant, attractive and fulfil their expectations from your business.

Can I have assistance in creating my reward plan?

Yes. You may contact Booms and we can help you create your reward plan. The cost of this service is not included in the monthly fee.

How do I motivate my customers to sign up?

By subscribing to Booms:reward you will receive a kit with marketing material that informs your customers for the new service. It includes:

A4 Poster

Facebook post

Web banner

Flyer Α5

In any case, we suggest to inform your customers of the new service and the benefits of using Booms:reward.

What is the customer application?

When you add a customer to your database, you inform them to download the free DaY app, through which they can get info about collected points, purchases, redemptions and your reward plan and receive your notifications.

What are the members?

The members are the customers you have registered in your reward program and collect points from your business.

What is Balance on the members report card?

Balance is the total number of points collected by the customer, from the beginning of the use of the reward program, without calculating the redemption. This information is useful when we want to see the frequency and volume of customer’s consumption over time.

How do I sign in a new member?

Η εισαγωγή νέου μέλους γίνεται με δύο τρόπους.

1. Από τον Operator εισάγοντας το κινητό του πελάτη στην εφαρμογή.

2. Από τον Administrator, εισάγοντας το κινητό του πελάτη στην εφαρμογή.

3. Από τον πελάτη, μέσω της εφαρμογής DaY

Can I edit members’ info?

No. Customer details can only be changed by the customer through the DaY application. The operator or administrator can only edit the number of the loyalty card (in case of replacement of the old one and if any).