Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: January 2019

“BOOMS PC” based in Andrea Siggrou Avenue 312, Kallithea, 176 73, Greece T.I.N. 800690033, tel. 210 9931000, e-mail: info@booms.gr website www.booms.gr is committed to protecting your privacy. By reading the terms outlined herein the user consents to the data practices outlined hereunder. The user also understands the terms and conditions and agrees to comply with them at all times.


BOOMS Businesses/BOOMS Stores /BOOMS Users: Businesses subscribed to BOOMS services and/or collaborating with BOOMS and every person affiliated with the above mentioned, using BOOMS services thereafter.
BOOMS Member: any person who registers to BOOMS and accepts the terms and conditions posted on the www.booms.gr website.
Points: The mechanism through which BOOMS Businesses calculate the value of each member’s purchase in order to reward them for the frequent purchases / use of their products / services. Loyalty Scheme: Loyalty Conditions provided by BOOMS Businesses to BOOMS Members. BOOMS Members collect Points for every purchase of products and/or services from BOOMS Businesses. Collected Points by BOOMS Members are redeemed in accordance with the applicable terms, in terms of rewards. Rewards: the goods and/or services provided by BOOMS Businesses to BOOMS Members as a reward for the frequent purchases and/or use of products and/or services from them, based on their Active Balance of Points.
Active Balance: Points currently available to be redeemed.
MASS (Marketing Assistant): The tool provided to BOOMS Businesses in order to communicated with BOOMS Members already interacting with their business for informative purposes, which include auto-redemption, offers, sales and BOOMS or BOOMS Businesses products and/or services, only through SMS Messages and/or notifications. The responsibility of creating editing and sending the campaign lies exclusively with the user and/or BOOMS Business.
Personal Data: includes BOOMS Members mobile number, name, post code, birthday, gender. This data is used for the identification of every user of BOOMS services.

Terms & Conditions: Terms and Condtions in effect.


Participation in the use of BOOMS products and sub-products is voluntary and available to all individuals over the age of 18. Each user declares and guarantees that they have the required legal prerequisites but also the ability to understand the terms and conditions listed below.
The Member understands that BOOMS acts only as an intermediary and holds no responsibility for the Rewards. Rewards are provided by BOOMS Businesses directly to Members. The way of collecting and redeeming Points may vary for each BOOMS Business. When a Member uses or acquires any of the Rewards provided by the BOOMS Businesses, the provision will be made in accordance with the Loyalty Scheme of the respective BOOMS Business offering the reward. Details on the terms of collecting and redeeming Points in each BOOMS Business are available on the BOOMS application and website booms.gr
The only thing you should do as a BOOMS Member to acquire rewards is to display your BOOMS identity, your mobile phone number.
When demonstrating your BOOMS identity, BOOMS is under no obligation to carry out identity checks. The Member declares that the information provided is complete and accurate and that if these are modified, they undertake the responsibility to inform BOOMS immediately.
The rewards are provided to the Member for as long as BOOMS services and the Loyalty Scheme of the respective BOOMS business are in place. BOOMS and BOOMS Businesses reserve the right to modify these at any time without notifying BOOMS Members. Modifications, additions or deletions to the terms and conditions will come into force immediately upon being posted on the site. By using the site and/or application the Member explicitly accepts changes, modifications, additions or deletions.


BOOMS Members: BOOMS is completely free to use for all Members and with every BOOMS Business.
BOOMS Businesses: BOOMS Services are made available to every interested business through www.boomsservices.com/plans. Businesses are encouraged to choose between our plans and payment methods.
Available Plans: Free Trial (14 days), Entry Level, Standard Level, Professional and Custom Plan.
Payment Methods: Recurring payments paid at the start of every 30-day period for monthly subscriptions or one payment for 365 days paid upfront. All payments to BOOMS are handled through PayPal. Our Payment and Refund Policy is in complete accordance with PayPal.
Pricing: BOOMS PC reserves the right to modify the pricing of the services, products, sub-products or by-products at all times with no further notice. Any modifications made will be displayed on the website www.booms.gr
Refunds: Refunds are handled through Paypal and only within the first seven days of a payment when the user has not been actively using any of the BOOMS services.
Recurring Payment Cancellation: Cancellation of Recurring Payments are solely handled through Paypal. BOOMS PC will not be held liable for any discrepancies. If you cannot cancel your subscription, feel free to e-mail BOOMS PC via info@boomsloyalty.com and the personnel will guide you through the process.


In principle, access to the content and information displayed on or via the website www.booms.gr does not require any data to be provided by users.
Personal data, however, is required for the use of specific BOOMS services, by-products and sub-products. These services can be used by both BOOMS members and users.
Information about the software and hardware might be collected to enhance user experience on the website and for statistical purposes. This information may include but not limited to: IP Address, software, browser type, device information, domain names, time spent on the website and other cookies. The information collected is used primarily for the operation of the website by BOOMS PC, to offer statistics regarding the use of the Website and to maintain an appropriate quality standard for the services offered through the website.
Sensitive personal data including: sexual orientation, religion, political views, medical records, race/ethnicity, criminal record will by no means be asked for or collected by BOOMS. The user needs to be extremely careful not to share any sensitive personal data on the website, through the personalized chat or through forums.


The website uses cookies. Cookies are files that are saved on the hard drive of devices by web services. Cookies cannot extract any knowledge or install viruses on your computer.
Their purpose includes: the identification of users using our online services offered on our Website and application and then they serve to personalise and facilitate access to these services. Cookies are also used for statistical purposes in order to determine how users use our Website and get information about useful or popular parts on our Website.
Most web browsers will by default accept the Cookies on our website. However, you can set your browser to prompt you for their use or even reject them. If you choose, to reject cookies you may not fully experience the features offered on our website and may even have limited to no access to certain services, uses or functions offered on our Website.


BOOMS reserves the right to regularly communicate with Members via e-mail, SMS messages, notifications or by any other means. The information communicated to Members refer to BOOMS Businesses, products, services, offers and rewards available to Members and is only executed through BOOMS. If the Member no longer wishes to receive promotional and informational material, they may modify their preferences on the BOOMS application or website www.booms.gr
BOOMS businesses understand and comply to the fact that the underlying BOOMS services, aim at serving both the costumers and each BOOMS business.
Marketing Assistant (MASS): The campaigns created through MASS aim to improve communication between BOOMS Members and BOOMS Businesses while protecting the interests of both sides.
Each BOOMS business accepts that BOOMS acts only as an intermediary and holds no responsibility on the offers or rewards sent on the campaigns or their redemption by consumers. The offers (rewards) are sent from users/ BOOMS businesses to consumers directly (BOOMS members or not). When a Member uses or acquires any of the Rewards provided by the BOOMS Businesses, the provision will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the respective Business offering the reward. Details on the terms of collecting and redeeming Points in each BOOMS business are available on the BOOMS application and website www.booms.gr BOOMS Members’ obligation should be to show the offer.
BOOMS is in complete compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, which was implemented in May 2018 and includes policy reforms on the collection of personal data. BOOMS has no liability and rejects any responsibility for legal actions held against BOOMS Businesses from customers. BOOMS is also able to terminate any form of contract with the BOOMS Business with no financial reimbursement being entitled to the Business if the Terms of Use in effect are violated. The terms of the European Regulation on personal data (GDPR) are displayed on: https://eugdpr.org/.


The content of  www.booms.gr is the intellectual property of BOOMS. Any information (text, images, graphics) contained on its website may be used only for personal, non-commercial use. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, modify in any way, part or all of the contents of the site without the prior written consent of the company.
All trademarks, logos, service marks, company name, distinctive title, photos, graphics, distinctive features, texts, Member Card, its management applications and everything else can be found on the www.booms.gr are the intellectual property of BOOMS. It is forbidden to the user / visitor to copy, reproduce, disseminate, distribute, transmit or use them beyond the uses expressly stated on this website.


By registering to BOOMS, the Member gives their consent to BOOMS to use their personal data in accordance with the BOOMS Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, which he accepts unreservedly.


BOOMS assumes no responsibility for any actions or omissions of BOOMS Businesses and does not participate in any way in the transactions performed. The responsibility of BOOMS is limited to their role in providing BOOMS Services. BOOMS accepts no responsibility in the event that BOOMS Businesses disregard any promise of a gift, discount, voucher or failure to observe the process of collecting and redeeming Points, or omitting or delaying or misrepresenting the collection or redemption of Points by the Member. BOOMS shall not be liable for any damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the provision or non-award of, or the termination or modification of, the terms of the Loyalty Schemes by the BOOMS Businesses.
Third Party Communication: BOOMS has no responsibility for the Member’s communication with third-party service providers that may be advertised or for the link on their website at www.booms.gr and the mobile application and for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them. BOOMS does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services of other websites and pages referenced by “links”, hyperlinks or banners. Therefore, for any problem that may arise during their visit or use, the user must directly contact the respective websites and pages, which are fully responsible for the provision of their services. BOOMS should not in any way be deemed to accept the content or services of the websites and pages to which it refers or links to them in any other way.
Website and application content: BOOMS is responsible for the proper operation of the website and the accuracy of its content. However, given the nature and volume of the internet, BOOMS assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, legality and quality of informative content on its website. It is not responsible for any form of damage to the visitor / user of the BOOMS pages, services, applications, and content that they make on their own initiative and in no way can BOOMS guarantee that the website will not be affected by viruses or other harmful components. The contents of www.booms.gr and the BOOMS mobile application are provided “as they are”. BOOMS does not warrant that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors and that any errors will be corrected. The cost of possible corrections or services is assumed by the visitor / user and in no case by BOOMS. It is not the responsibility of BOOMS to cover the claims of third parties because of their misrepresentation due to copying or counterfeiting of the page or the misappropriation of this part by third parties unauthorized parties who have done the above actions in violation of BOOMS intellectual, industrial and moral rights.
Force Majeure: BOOMS shall not be liable for damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from failure to comply with its obligations for reasons beyond control of the force majeure. If parts or subparts of this statement cannot be considered to be legally standing, the content or validity of the other parts remains unaffected.
The above terms and conditions of use for the BOOMS pages, services and applications, as well as any modifications thereto, are governed by and supplemented by Greek and European law, and any disputes arising out of these terms and conditions belong exclusively to the jurisdiction of the court of Athens.
This is the overall agreement between BOOMS PC and the BOOMS Member. No change to these terms will be taken into account and will not form part of this agreement unless it has been drafted in writing and has not been incorporated into it. BOOMS reserves the right to modify these terms and these changes will be deemed to be effective immediately upon their publication on www.booms.gr.