Privacy Policy – Personal Data Management

BOOMS Rewards Platform : The online application provided by “BOOMS I.K.E.” – hereinafter BOOMS – based in Athens, Piraeus Street, no. 205, Postal Code 176 73, A.F.M 800690033, D.O.Y. A ATHENS, phone number 210 9931000, e-mail, website so that the Affiliated Companies can provide Reward Programs to their customers.

BOOMS respects the right of Members/Users of the BOOMS Rewards Platform to privacy and the protection of their personal data.


We collect your personal information through registration on the BOOMS Rewards Platform or the DAY mobile application. Your personal data is collected by BOOMS, stored securely and kept confidential in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the relevant legislation.


The processing of personal data of Members/Users of the BOOMS Rewards Platform is done carefully and only by BOOMS. These are collected for the purpose of informing Members/Users of the BOOMS Reward Platform about partner businesses, their products, services, offers and rewarding them through Partner Businesses. In addition, the personal data of the Members/Users of the BOOMS Rewards Platform is processed for the purpose of managing the clientele of the Affiliated Businesses. The data of Members/Users of the BOOMS Rewards Platform is collected in order for BOOMS and Affiliated Businesses to serve you in the best possible way, to assess your needs for more products and services.

As a Member/User of the BOOMS Rewards Platform you reserve the right to change your preferences for the updates you receive or to request the cessation of sending informative actions at any time.


By accepting this Privacy Policy, the Member/User of the BOOMS Rewards Platform accepts that BOOMS may collect and process their personal data. In addition, through the acceptance of this Privacy Policy, the Member/User accepts the customer reward services provided by the partner businesses using the BOOMS Rewards platform, as well as the information actions concerning these businesses, and are carried out exclusively and only through BOOMS.


BOOMS does not share or provide the personal data of Members/Users of the BOOMS Rewards Platform to third parties. Partner businesses have access to the information that Members/Users of the BOOMS Reward Platform voluntarily provide, for the sole purpose of scoring and rewarding them. The information actions carried out on behalf of the cooperating companies are done through BOOMS for the purpose of commercial communication with BOOMS Members/Users.



The personal data that the Member/User voluntarily provides to BOOMS is primarily the mobile phone number and then the name, and optionally the email address and date of birth.

The Member/User guarantees that the personal data he provides is not false and undertakes the responsibility to inform BOOMS of any modification thereof. BOOMS reserves the right to exclude from its services any Member/User who has provided false data or has deviated from the Terms of Use. We invite Members/Users to be particularly careful with Personal Data Protection issues as BOOMS assumes no responsibility for illegal losses, modifications or even theft of personal data.



The Member/User always reserves the right to address BOOMS by exercising the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by phone at 210 993100, Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 and via e-mail at In order to exercise these rights you will need to certify your identity by sending a photocopy of your police ID card or by any other means recognized by Law. BOOMS guarantees the execution of all rights of the Member within 72 hours.


BOOMS reserves the right to revise the Privacy Policy whenever it deems appropriate. For this reason we invite Members/Users to regularly check the Privacy and Personal Data Management Policy so that you are always up to date on the latest version.


The Member/User declares that he has been informed of the terms of use and the personal data protection policy by BOOMS, accepts it and gives his consent to its electronic processing by BOOMS, in the manner and for the purpose described in this Privacy Policy.

  * Any other language we offer in translation is only for the convenience of its users. The Greek version of the BOOMS Privacy Policy is considered the official language and is the only valid version. *